Parents, Grandparents, School Administrators / Teachers, Youth Leaders! Join us on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5TH (at the Maumee Ohio indoor Theatre) for the must see "Screenagers."

Screenagers is a documentary about the impact of the digital age on children. In addition to the movie we have assembled a panel of professionals to help you navigate the tough topics and conversations. Purchase your tickets today: $7.00 each. This is a one day event with limited seating.

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Visions and Values

Vision is how your family knows what they are aiming for, everyone needs a vision of their future to feel purpose. Values are what we set in place to keep our families safe and healthy. Establishing Vision and Values will never happen by chance, this is something we must intentionally engage in. We are currently working on an online curriculum that will help families through the process of creating and working toward a vision for their home. In the meantime we would love to hear from you; fell free to leave us comments on our blog posts or contact us on Facebook.

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