Tim & Nicole

Meet Us

Tim and Nicole have been married for 21 years and currently have three children that range in ages; from 11 to 21. Tim is a police officer and has worked in the local high school for the last 10 years. Nicole recently left her position at a local non-profit to homeschool her two youngest children and to build Safe and Sound Families. They are endeavoring to equip families to intentionally and actively build their legacy.

"Connecting at the dinner table, finding adventure, praying together, and having a "never quit" attitude is how we incorporate values and vision into our children."

Tim and I

The Safe and Sound Family Story

We are still in the process of writing the story of "Safe and Sound Families." Like many of you we have faced extremely tough challenges in our parenting; there have been times where we felt like really good parents and then times when we still feel like complete failures. As we look around at our friends and families we understand that we are not alone and it is our desire to make sure you also know that you are not alone; not only that but there is help and resources available. The main focus of Safe and Sound families is to equip families with the tools they need to ensure their homes are atmospheres of safe and healthy growth.

Photo Credit: Samantha Stokes (our daughter) Photography