Complete Event Details

Safe and Sound Families Presents: "Screenagers"
A film about the impact of the digital age on children.

The "Screenagers"  event was held on Thursday, October 5th in The Toledo Ohio area. If you are interested in a presentation please contact us today.

Contact with additional questions:
Nicole McLeod (call or text) 419-349-7793

Who will benefit from this event?
Parents, School Resource Officers, School Administrators / Teachers, Youth Pastors, Pastors, Grandparents

Should children attend?
Children are encouraged and welcome to attend (tickets are per individual). We will be discussing topics of early exposure to pornography & sexting; but will keep in mind that there are children in the room. Parents have said they were very glad that they brought their children with them. Part of our goal is that parents become comfortable discussing these topics with their children: Check out this article. 

What type of resources will be available?
Safe and Sound Families will be providing resources to help you start the tough conversations, establish your own media guidelines, technical guides to establish internet security in your home, and more.

The screenagers event will provide both the education and confidence needed to establish safe and healthy home environments. We have assembled a panel of professionals to answer some of the biggest questions concerning media and the dangers.

Here are a few of the topics that we will cover:

  • Sexting
  • Online Bullying
  • Social Media Dangers
  • Video Game Addiction
  • Early exposure to pornography
  • Psychological Effects

After the event there will be ongoing resources available through Safe and Sound Families.