Protect Young Minds

“But, if I talk to my son about pornography, I’m afraid it will make him curious about it.”

This is a common thought process that many parents have, and I think the key word in this statement is “afraid.” We are afraid to somehow address relevant issues with our children. Many times this fear comes from not feeling as if we know enough about a particular topic; we unintentionally put off discussions that need to happen.

Not long ago, I remember speaking to a mother who was dealing with the crushing news that her 9-year-old son had been shown porn and sexually molested by another 9-year-old at a sleepover. She desperately wanted to go back in time and protect him from this heinous act.  Chris McKenna, Protect Young Eyes

What happens when we communicate in an open and honest way with our children? Seeds of truth are panted in their minds, and the curiosity of the unknown is erased. When a situation arises they will be equipped to make healthy and better decisions; along with knowing that they can come back to a safe place and ask more questions (and trust me there will be more questions!)

Protect Young Eyes has written an entire post reviewing the book below. Take a moment to check it out and decide if this is a resource that you need.

A Book Review of Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.

Photo of boy by Ben White on Unsplash

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