When snapchat first became popular it made me nervous. Maybe it’s because I have worked with youth, or because I have teenagers, or because my husband works in a high-school – but it was the disappearing photos that scared me. I live fully aware of the sexting issue in our midst, and it seemed that snapchat was inviting this behavior with photos and videos that would disappear.

After reading this blog by Protect Young Eyes, I am convinced that we must become more educated and pro-active when it comes to apps like snapchat. I am thankful for the work that Protect Young Eyes is doing and suggest that you take some time to check out their resources.


It’s important for kids and parents to understand that Snapchat exists for one reason – to make money. It’s simple. Since the app is free, Snapchat makes money through use – the more the kids “play,” the more the marketers pay. One might even go as far to say that Snapchat is in the addiction business, because they profit through extended use (example: the Snapstreak basically preys on neurology tied to anxiety that compels kids to keep their streak going by using Snapchat daily).

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Main Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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